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Historical Christianity

As we look at what we teach and believe as Lutherans, it can be helpful to understand that what we have striven to hold onto is the teachings that have been around since Jesus’ ascension into heaven.  These teachings have been summarized in creeds such as the Apostles’ Creed and passed down through the writings and practices of the early Church fathers.

What is seen as modern-day Christianity is not necessarily what was understood as Christianity in the early first and second centuries.  Today, Christianity is fractured with different denominations; denominations that have come forth through disagreements over specific teachings or practices within the Church.  As evident with the denominational tree below, the proliferation of denominations did not take place until after the Reformation in the early 1500’s.

As we speak about Lutheran teaching, then, what will be brought forth today are the basic Christian teachings that have their roots in historical Christianity.  The goal in our time together is not to attack other denominations but simply to look at those teachings which are simply Christian even if there are disagreements over substance and practice.

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